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My name is Ruby. I am a 1977 VW microbus that recently relocated to Southern California. Prior to my sunny days in SoCal, I was a resident of Seattle, where I was neglected - left to rust and decay.

I am a powerful lady with a 2.0L, fuel-injected, air-cooled engine, just looking for some TLC.

My current owner, Júlia Amá, is quirky, fast-paced, and athletic. She has a kind heart, gets bored easily, and is always full of energy. We joined forces in September of 2017. I hope she fixes me up quickly so we can go travel together!

This is where I will document our adventures and tribulations together.



June 1st, 2018. 

That's the deadline Julia set to have me up and running. We're going on a trip her and I.

The plan is to get me in shape to make the drive to Mexico. I have to fit 4 people, 4 surfboards, food and supplies, and have space for them to sleep inside for a long weekend on the road. 

After the Mexico trip I have some ideas of my own for what we could do - some of which including converting myself into an Açai and Pão de Queijo shop. But we'll see what Julia decides...


I have a couple known broken bones that need to be fixed before I'm road trip ready...

1. Interior... Rusty flooring, moldy insulation, destroyed paneling, and bare interior. Complete interior overhaul will be needed.

2. Exhaust System... Rusted through heat exchanger that is impacting my heating system as well as the engine exhaust system. I'm running slow, and very loudly.

3.Wiring... Whoever ran my wires last, got a few mixed up because I have a few faulty lights and some interesting connections. Will need to check the connections and connect the loose wires.

4. Transmission... Dry transmission, with a potential rebuild. Status still to be determined.

Just to name a few. Other problems arise along the way, and they're addressed as well. Take a look at the Ruby Gallery Page to see what progress we've made!



The motto is: Learning > Ease.

It's not about what's easiest, it's about what will lend itself to the biggest learning opportunity. From welding an old piece to making due with the materials she has on hand, the focus is on being scrappy and working through all the different processes rather than simply replacing parts. 

SEE The Process

About Julia

Julia is a Stanford graduate in Mechanical Engineering. She was a member of the Stanford Women's D1 Swim Team all four years, and has wanted to restore a car since 2014. An avid surfer, Julia has always envisioned taking a road trip along the west coast with friends, stopping to surf and sleep along the way. Combining her two loves, she figured this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.